Kõrkja tee 5, Harkujärve, Harju maakond, Eesti


If you choose to come and live in Iseära, it’s clearly not so you then spend every day cooped up indoors. That’s why every home here opens out onto its own terrace, which in turn open out onto the green space between buildings. It’s the perfect place to party! Or at least get together with the neighbours.

Between the townhouses in the Iseära development is a characterful but at the same time practical park-like space in which to both work out and relax – it’s ideal for exercising in or simply enjoying a chat. Within this green oasis is something for everyone: young, old and everyone in between



To make sure the streets in front of our homes are never used for drag racing or that the neighbours don’t decide to erect a chicken run in their backyard, it’s a good idea to agree on such things from the very start.


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Lennart Lind

Interior architect
+372 5615 0943

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